Azfarazie AmirolzakriFounder and Chief Experience Officer (CEO)
  • Entrepreneur, Startup Mentor and Personal Development Coach
  • Game Master and Project Management Expert
  • Former Fitness Coach and Fashion Entrepreneur
  • Event Curator
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
  • HRDF Certified Trainer


The Founder of Work Inspires Consultancy, a People Engagement Company that has a dream to Create Experiences that Empowers People to have Meaning & Results on everything that they do- 1 Person, 1 Company, 1 Country at a time. Azfarazie’s passion can be seen in his dedicated work and ability in Creating Experiences for Clients whom he partners with by focusing on Sustainable Results through Interactive & Customisable L&D, Team Bonding, and Employer Branding Solutions.

Prior to starting Work Inspires Consultancy, Azfarazie has worked with many Fortune 500 companies to create memorable and impactful Learning & Development, as well as Team Building Sessions. Some of his past work has been with great companies like 3M, Petronas, LaFarge-Holcim, General Electric, Public Mutual, GRAB, Prudential, Munchy’s, Volkswagon, TNB, Wipro Unza and many more both locally and Abroad.

One of his key highlights was creating a Masterclass attended by CEOs, Head of Departments, Managers aimed to bring out the best in Leaders and to bridge the gap with their people, especially Millennials and an Employer Branding Transformation that featured a nationwide competition for an established property development company in Malaysia.

Prior to his leadership role in Thriving Talents, he worked as an Executive Assistant to the CEO’s Office of a multinational property development company and was a Fitness & Health Consultant. He was also a serial entrepreneur with business interests in the clothing industry and ventured extensively in the areas of Customer Service which today he prepares a Customised Module to help enhance Customer Experiences of Businesses.

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